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What things make you ‘Kenyan’? Apart from the common assumption of people from Europe and all over the world have that all Kenyans are marathon runners, they run on the highlands, etc, there are other hidden facts about the majority of Kenyans. That is at least 70% of Kenyans.

Kenyans love ‘kagunia’

I have to admit that one of the ‘tools’ to having a good clean bath is by the use of tiny sackcloth. It appears that we as Kenyans have sworn allegiance not to ever forsake it. In the recent past, there has been an upgrade of this kagunia. People are no longer cutting it free from the nylon suck, they are rather buying it (it is a major development haha). So wherever you go even abroad, you will find that you miss the scratching effect of this kagunia.

Endless stories on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the leading global social network app. Kenyans love posting on WhatsApp stories. Some of us end up posting more than 10 stories in a day. These stories or statuses, end up looking like a round chain. I have a couple of friends who are ‘culprits’ in this matter, but well, that’s being Kenyan. I guess people post lots of this stuff due to free WhatsApp services by Safaricom (Kenya’s biggest  telecommunication company)


How could I forget this? Mutura is a local Kenyan black pudding but more delicious. It is so delicious that at times you will find yourself spending more than you budgeted. The best time to eat mutura is in the evening, around 7 pm when it is pretty dark. The feeling of eating mutura in darkness hits differently. If you ever visit Kenya, you should try mutura

Twitter wars

This perhaps what I should have begun with. Kenya has the ‘strongest’ military on Twitter. Kenya has managed to conquer Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and recently they were at war with the UK. Of course, it is not a real war, it is just a burn on people, often based on stereotypes, being satirical and such.

Odi dance

Odi pop is perhaps the most common dance styles in Kenyan. It means ordinary dance. If you are poor at mastering crazy moves, this one is for you. You do not need to be an expert, just do some weird moves and you would have danced Odi. It comes in handy when you visit a club and you get ‘forced’ to dance. Yeah, I’m not kidding. If you cannot do this dance, you should definitely consider learning it to be fully immersed in the Kenyan urban culture.

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